We believe that innovation, unique design and a good product allows a brand to stand out from the pack. At Javos we are committed to bringing innovation to the cosmetics industry in several ways:

In conjunction with our manufacturing partners, we continuously develop new mechanisms, package shapes and materials to ensure we stay at the forefront of the industry.

We work closely with our partners to pool resources and ideas in order to develop unique items at a value price point. We understand that in today’s world the cost of goods is paramount to success. We are always looking for ways to make packaging more affordable not only for big brands but also new emerging players, including the option to develop a unique private mold or to share the use of our already existing open mold.

We seek out and support inventors and entrepreneurs to partner with Java Cosmopak and launch their innovations.

Javos has developed a comprehensive strategy to best service the industry.

Low Overheads

No fancy suits or offices. Our team is small but efficient combining experience, speed and flexibility.


We do not share the use of your own private mold under any circumstances nor do we discuss our client’s development to anyone.

Great Service

Whether you have made a request to us via the website, or on a call, our goal is to provide quotes and samples within the shortest time possible.

People & Expertise

Our extensive knowledge in the manufacturing sector ensures that your orders gets produced accordingly and delivered within the given timeframe. In fact we are more than happy to share our knowledge to best suit your production needs.